Neurolight, masked 40 Hz light

Experience 40 Hz of light, without the unpleasant stroboscopic effect, and without visual disturbances. This allows for significantly longer use.


The light is calibrated exactly to 40 Hz.

The lamp is made of aluminum and oak.


Price: DKK 9,950 incl. freight.


You only pay when we are ready to supply the lamp.



In the comment section, enter information about the user and the number of lamps desired.
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Terms & Conditions

So far we only deliver in Denmark.

We first expect to be able to supply the lamps this summer.


You have 60 days to cancel and return after receiving the lamp.
If you are not satisfied, simply return the lamp and we payback the purchase.


The purchase is covered by the Purchase Act. Optoceutics reserves the right to sort in pre-orders and does not guarantee to be able to deliver the lamp at a specific time.

Optoceutics does not guarantee that the light therapy will have any particular effect and the product is not a medical device.


When you pre-order, you have also agreed to receive emails with news about the development and delivery of the lamp.


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